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Hi! My name's Sam.
absurdity, adult swim, ak1200, anything, aphex twin, aqua teen hunger force, bacardi 151, battle monkeys, being weird, blowing stuff up, books, boxing, carl cox, comedy, computers, cowboy bebop, cuddling, cunnilingus, cyberpunk, dark rooms, dice, digitally imported, dj tiësto, doing stupid things, dreams, drinking, driving, driving fast, drugs, equilibrium, eyes, fallout, family guy, fire, fireworks, focus, forbidden paradise, four rooms, futurama, gabber, gambling, games, george and dragon, gir, groundfighting, group x, half-life, happy tree friends, hard house, hard trance, hardcore, harry potter, house, inane trivia, invader zim, irc, jay and silent bob, kill it with fire!, kiltlifter, kissing, learning, libra, life, lips, logic, long island iced teas, love, luck, mc chris, metal, michael marshall smith, mind expansion, mitch hedberg, money, mortal kombat, movies, mxc, neophyte, nietzsche, nine inch nails, office space, omniscience, only forward, orgazmo, parties, planescape, porn, power puff girls, predator, privacy, prodigy, pulp fiction, quentin tarantino, quotes, rain, random questions, reading, real women, relaxing, road trips, rob zombie, rpgs, samurai champloo, saying fuck, sci-fi, sealab 2021, self discovery, sex, shpongle, sleeping, snowboarding, south park, sparring, sql, squid salad, standup comedy, strapping young lad, strength, super smash brothers, sushi, swimming, system of a down, tattoos, techno, technology, tekken, the bottle, the color black, the matrix, the night, the night sky, the simpsons, the unknown, thunderdome, thunderstorms, trance, video games, vodka, vonnegut, wandering aimlessly, weed, white zombie, wit, women, working out, zelda, zim